Allen & Heath Mix Wizard 16:2

Allen & Heath Mix Wizard 16:2

WZ16:2 is a general purpose 16 channel compact console with a rotating connector panel allowing desktop or rack mounting.

It comes in a road case for protection.
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    16 mic/line inputs with balanced XLR/TRS jack, and direct output
    100mm Faders – throughout
    4-band EQ – comprehensive equalisation with 2 sweepable mids
    6 auxiliary sends – 2 pre, 2 switched, 2 post fade (may be reconfigured)
    2 stereo returns – on TRS jack
    Dedicated mono output fader with innovative mode for control of aux fed subs
    Independent A-B output to feed any number of applications, including a 2-track recorder, monitor foldback or speaker fills
    Metering – Twin 3-colour, 12 segment bargraphs follow selected monitor source, channel signal and peak LEDs
    Onboard FX – 16 FX programs with external editing software connected via MIDI
    Pluggable jumpers for user configurability
    Mounting – desk or rack mountable, with rotating connector pod

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