DJ Lighting Sound Activated Truss

DJ Lighting Sound Activated Truss

$280.00 Regular Price
$175.00Sale Price

Get the centerpiece for your next event.  This includes the following:

Lightwave Research Trackspot x2 (linked)

Chauvet Swarm 5 FX (can be linked with multiple towers)

Either LED par or Strobe light 


The trackspots have the best sound activated programming of any light made.  Its not flashy like most but scans with color changes synced with the beat.  When multiple units are connected, they perform shows where some may move on one beat while the others move on the next beat.  This creates an excellent dance show automatically.


The Swarm 5 FX includes red and green laser, LED lights dancing around and white LED strobes.  Multiple towers can be linked and syncronized.


The Tower Truss can be covered with White fire-proof spandex, black fireproof spandex or left uncovered. Overall the Truss is 10' tall keeping the lights above heads.


Add a haze machine to see these beams dance through the air.


*strobe light is manually operated

Truss Covering
Additional Light

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